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Stocking a pantry or stockpile of food

Starting a pantry or a stockpile of food

1. when possible buy in bulk from a store like Walmart or Sam’s
2. if you dont have a pantry buy a couple of large book shelves
3. if you have a cellar only put canned good in it if it is damp and humid
4. when putting things away make sure the label is facing you so you can easily see what you have
5. if there is an emergancy where water could be cut off fill your bathtub with water so you will have a supply
6. only use dirty water for cleaning and flushing the toliet* (not needed if you have a well)

Canned foods
Canned juice and fruit
Canned broth
Dried meats and fruit
Salt and pepper and any spice you use a lot
Coffee: instant keeps for a long long time
Powder milk and creamer
Apple cider vinegar
Corn meal
Flour use a jar with lid and it will keep even longer
Condensed milk
Mustard, ketchup, and jellies
Water in bottles or jugs
Powdered eggs
Sugar: keep it in a jar with lid because some bugs like ants are attracted to it
Cooking oil
Drink mixes some people and kids don’t like the taste of water
Honey or syrup

Frozen foods to have
Cheese can be frozen
Bread can be frozen
Butter can be frozen
Meats and vegetables

Supplies to have
Over the counter medicines: aspirin, benedryl, vitamins
Medicines your family needs
Batteries and charger
Light bulbs and candles
Matches (dip the head of the matches in wax to make waterproof)
Aluminum foil, bags, trash bags
Soap, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, rubbing alcohol
Any cleaning supplies you need
First aid supplies
Tool kit and duck tape duck tape can be used to seal your home or fix things

Other useful things
Seeds for growing food and any supplies needed*
(growing food is whole lot cheaper and you dont have to use gas to get to your own crops)*
Generator and gas cans
Buckets you can fill with water to flush the toilet
Emergency radio
Metal kettle to heat water
Distiller to clean water and make it drinkable
a well (you wont need the distiller if you have one)

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